Kitefoil Alpinefoil: Kitefoil Hydrofoil for kitesurfing

French Manufacturer of kitefoil hydrofoil

Alpinefoil manufactures prenium carbon,titanium and aluminium kitefoils.

After funboards in the 80s and kiteboarding in the 2000s, kitefoils (kite towing a hydrofoil) are revolutionizing surfing.

They provide new incredible sensations, a mix of those experienced while snowboarding in fresh deep powder, and those experienced in free flight, a pure glide in perfect silence. It's upwind surfing capacity is astonishing, meaning you can play anywhere you want on your spot. you can ride starting from 5-6knots and up, making it really fun in light winds. the kitesoil also boosts your time spent kiting, almost 100% of your trips result in a sesison.

Alpinefoil, based in the French Alps, in between Isere and Savoie, is a manufacturer of high quality all-carbon kitefoils. The company is specialized in engineering, design, and manufacturing of composite kitefoils for kiteboarding.